Multi-org collabo­ration for your software implemen­tations

A new approach to software implementation management.

The features and benefits of running with us

Baton is a leader in Client Onboarding on G2
Baton is a leader in Client Onboarding on G2
Baton is a leader in Client Onboarding on G2

Better planning,
better outcomes

Use Baton to build flexible, interactive implementation plans that build client confidence from start to finish
Manage every aspect of your customer implementation plan to keep people and project activity on schedule and within budget
Differentiate your product with the industry's leading implementation management software, purpose-built for simplified project adaption and process evolution
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Project visibility
for the entire
project team

Get consolidated views of individual implementation projects or see all of your onboarding projects in one place
Create customized reports for your clients to track progress and "click into" for effortless engagement
Review your projects using a wide range of meaningful variables (contract value, due dates, start date, custom fields, etc.)
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Business Insights

Know more about your software business than ever before with Baton's project-level and aggregated implementation data  
Leverage Baton data to make better business decisions regarding customer and staff task engagement, time-to- value, repeated problem points and more
Collect and assess customer satisfaction data throughout the entirety of each project (not afterwards) to fine-tune your implementation team's ongoing performance.
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Eliminate outdated and time-consuming status reporting processes that don't scale with your growth plans
Share real-time project information with clients that's easy to understand, respond, update and revise
Baton's ultra-simplified sign-in makes it easy for your clients to jump in, collaborate and move on. Which keeps your clients coming back!
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Create individual implementation projects with highly customizable phases that fit your company’s implementation process
Set up milestones for automated status tracking and standardized project templates to scale your business faster
Leverage Baton’s business intelligence to ensure project tasks, interdependencies, and due dates are logically established
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We run with the best of them

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Baton's radical pricing: unlimited collaborators

Baton’s detailed pricing page coming soon.
Baton is a leader in Client Onboarding on G2
Baton is a leader in Client Onboarding on G2
Baton is a leader in Client Onboarding on G2