Multi-org collabo­ration for your software implemen­tations

A new approach to software implementation management.

Designed for technology projects and engineered for scale, Baton enables cross-domain collaboration and automates communications for improved customer engagements.

Where people working apart get it all together

Baton brings software providers, their clients, and service partners into a communications portal where complex implementations are simplified. Proactively triage, report, and check project status in real time to get your products up and running faster than ever.

The features and benefits of running with us

Better planning. Better outcomes

  • Create individual implementation projects with highly customizable phases that fit your company’s implementation process
  • Set up milestones for automated status tracking and standardized project templates to scale your business faster 
  • Leverage Baton’s business intelligence to ensure project tasks, interdependencies, and due date are logically established
  • Closely manage project budgets with Baton's time estimation and tracking tools
Better planning
Better planning
Project visibility
Project visibility

Project visibility for the entire project team

  • Our consolidated view of all of your implementation projects provides new insights into your business
  • Create monitoring dashboards for your clients’ view as well as dashboards for your entire project base
  • Sort your projects using a wide range of meaningful variables (contract value, due date, start date, etc.)

Understand your customers better

Baton helps you gather priceless customer feedback from your clients throughout the implementation process.

  • Stay on top of your customer’s first real experience with your product
  • Share customer feedback to set priorities for your product roadmap
  • Use the feedback tool to better measure your product’s earliest performance
Understand your customers
Understand your customers
Stay relevant
Stay relevant

Stay relevant

Share project-related documents via the Baton portal.

  • Make relevant files accessible by linking documents to related tasks, milestones or the entire project
  • Documents can be approved or rejected by authorized project teammates working across multiple organizations
  • Document access is highly secure and can require role- or identity-based access

We run with the best of them

And more integrations coming soon!

Baton's radical pricing: unlimited internal, customer and third party collaborators

Baton’s detailed pricing page coming soon.