Introducing the Baton Method

The Baton Method was created to share, discuss and evolve a standard methodology and set of best practices in complex software engagements a highly dynamic way.
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People, Processes, and Metrics

We believe that through shared systems, lexicon, and process we can universally improve the way that software implementation projects are done.
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Fluent Software Implementation Spoken Here

No two organizations define software implementation problems exactly the same way, and as such we think our problems are unique to our product, customers, teams or industries. That is simply not true.
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Failure to Launch

We know that those implementation projects that begin poorly also typically end poorly, and all project participants that are impacted may choose to never work with the failed software again.
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Software Implementations and Ops Debt

Ops debt occurs when long-standing processes for collaborative projects generate new problems that clutter and slow important software implementation projects.
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False Starts

Nothing is more likely to slow down a software implementation project than kicking it off without a well-circulated plan that's been carefully considered and communicated to all relevant parties.
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Not All Software Vendors Are Created Equal

The Baton Method was conceived for implementations of critically important software projects, where failure translates to important business objectives being delayed, or unmet. 
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Accelerate: A Financing Program for SaaS Companies

Baton Accelerate is a short-term lending product was recently created to help software providers more quickly realize revenue during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond.
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Listen up. Software customers want to be heard.

Baton believes that the most critical time to actively and carefully listen to your customer is during the software implementation process.
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