Automated Communications

Baton's industry-leading users know that rapidly scaling a software business requires eliminating work that can be simplified and accelerated via technology.

Better communication differentiates your brand  

Automated Outreach and Response

Update Baton projects without leaving your email account

Congrats! We hear you're getting engaged!


We've made every aspect of managing project work easier, starting with the ability to easily invite coworkers and clients to participate and engage.


Baton relieves your project team from the dubious task of reaching out to clients and even coworkers who are or are about to be late on a projects.

Direct Messages

Leave and respond to project-related messages within the Baton portal. Our users avoid additional inbox clutter by engaging with team members... precisely where the work is done.

One-click Responses

Simplified, automated communications are a priority in our feature base. You and your clients will notice our tendency to minimize the steps required for any participant to give their required feedback.    

Automated Reminders

Decrease your workload by letting the Baton system track when project participants are facing deadlines that can slow or derail projects.

Engage your clients

Look, we're not asking you to get married. Just take Baton for a test drive. Why? Because time and again our customers tell us that their clients use Baton because it's easier and faster to engage than anything on the market. Try it for free.

Baton's radical pricing: unlimited collaborators

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