MANTL enlists Baton

MANTL enlists Baton

July 7, 2021

Leadership in customer communications throughout the implementation process makes Baton the best fit for MANTL

Business Challenge: They say that keeping up with growth is a good problem to have. If that’s true, MANTL is definitely dealing with the good kinds of problems. Where such growth gets ultra-challenging for MANTL is during the critical software implementation process. This is because MANTL’s omni-channel account-opening platform is used by highly regulated regional banks who have zero tolerance for vendors unable to keep their promises. MANTL’s banking customers are used to working with hands-on professional services teams because software onboarding typically requires multiple complex integrations into extremely secure systems. Such integrations are high stakes and need to be tightly managed using premium resources capable of outperforming Fortune 100 competitors. And banking regulations also mandate that MANTL’s customers can only work with implementation tools compliant with the banking industry’s strict technical requirements, such as SOC 2. 

MANTL is working in a market where many of their banking customers are managing complete overhauls to their tech stack and these customers need assurance from upstart technology companies that their implementation will not become an unnecessarily disruptive burden on their day-to-day operations. As MANTL continues to scale, so too does their need to optimize their customer onboarding processes.  


  • MANTL uses Baton to sustain implementation project quality while cutting average project duration by as much as 50%
  • MANTL’s customers repeatedly expressed appreciation for the increased visibility and the confidence Baton instilled as the take their software live 
  • MANTL is targeting a 100% increase in the number of projects managed concurrently with minimal increases in headcount 


  • MANTL implementation schedules have become more predictable and repeatable 
  • MANTL customers love the visibility Baton provides into implementation processes that with some FinTech providers are either a “black box” or highly asynchronous.  
  • Interdependency tracking and automated alerts ensures MANTL and its customers are prompted to keep projects moving without unnecessary meetings, calls or emails.
  • MANTL is able to handle more customer implementations per project manager, as Baton removes much of the manual work around updating internal and external teams on progress, and interdependencies that cause bottlenecks.

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