Accelerate: A Financing Program for SaaS Companies

Software vendors too often carry the financial burden of stalled or slowed implementations of their products. Add COVID-19 social-distancing challenges into the mix and the weight is that much more burdensome. This is especially frustrating when the implementations are delayed due to outdated communication methods.

Baton Accelerate, a short-term lending product was recently created to help software providers more quickly realize revenue during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Baton is able to make these Accelerate program loans available because our SaaS-based software can reduce churn and the associated risk of default by simplifying and accelerating the implementation process for any software product. Because Baton automates much of the implementation process, this results in faster project completion and quicker revenue recognition.

We’ve seen our customers consistently deliver results and reduce their average time to implement using the Baton platform. This data and results from our product allow us to uniquely offer this financing program.

To be eligible, the first  step is to start using Baton. After you’ve started seven (7) projects in Baton, you’re fully eligible to apply for an Accelerate loan. You can start the application process any time (even before you’ve started seven projects) here. Once you’ve started at least seven projects, Baton will contact you with a final set of questions regarding the specific project that you’ve deemed a good candidate for Accelerate funding.

The Fine Print:

  1. After you’ve started seven (7) projects in Baton, you’re fully qualified to apply for a loan.
  2. Rates as low as 0% annually. This rate covers Baton’s financing fees. Baton will not profit from the loan program. There’s no fee to apply. Only active Baton users will be eligible to apply.
  3. Lots of optional questions on the form, the more you fill in, the more likely you are to be selected
  4. We expect to take 1-2 weeks on average to fully review and reply, though that may increase at peak volume times around launch
  5. We will be paid when you are paid by your customer or by 12/31/2020, whichever occurs first.  For now, this is not a revolving credit.

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