We’re the implemen­­­tation team for implemen­tation teams

Software implementation is a team event. A series of coordinated, all-out sprints linked by ultra-critical handoffs. A relay race, so to speak.

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Baton works with customers who provide game-changing software, and our user base extends to their clients and third-party service providers. Our mission is to help project participants get away from the old Us versus Them mindset; to operate seamlessly as a unified implementation team. No Them. Just Us.

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Baton is a software implementation management platform that automates, simplifies and accelerates even the most complex projects. With Baton, remote project participants working across organizational boundaries enjoy real-time visibility into status reporting, without the frustrations of chasing down weekly updates via email, spreadsheets or other outdated processes that will never scale.

Quick facts about Baton

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New York, New York
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Simplify, automate and accelerate implementation projects at scale
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Software implementation projects
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Know how

100+ years of B2B software experience; 50+ years in SaaS
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Hands on experience

Tens of thousands of implementation hours, and counting
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Casual dress. Seriously focused
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Easy going. Hard working

Not coincidentally, Baton is a business of runners, with our staff logging a weekly average of 9.7 miles per person

Our company name

The baton is the instrument passed from runner to runner in a sport as old as recorded time. It represents transfer and acceptance of assignment and obligation for every member of the team. It's also a key requirement in crossing the finish line. For us, the baton is a symbol of each participant’s role and unique importance to the team. It’s an icon that represents critical accountability of each and every runner.

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