From Start to Finish

Baton manages and automates every step of your software implementation process

Built by a team known for delivering great experiences

Implementation is your first impression, so let us help you make it a great one

No false starts: seamlessly kick off projects in minutes, not hours. Accelerate bookings to billings with a perfect start every time, and finally make implementation scalable.

Transparent communication with your clients and team no emails required

Updating static status reports is so last decade. Baton gives your clients and team, their very own live dashboard, keeping everyone in sync at every checkpoint.

Accountability at a glance

Call off that search party. One click shows you where a project has gone off track and who to work with to solve it.

Manage projects, resources, and your anxiety levels — all with one platform

See all your in-flight projects, and easily prioritize your resources to tackle at-risk or high-value clients first.