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Baton manages and automates every step of your software implementation process

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Introducing Accelerate, a new initiative from Baton

We're launching Accelerate, a low interest financing program, to help organizations more quickly realize revenue through the COVID-19 crisis. Baton wants to help.

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Implementation is your first impression, so let us help you make it a great one

No false starts: seamlessly kick off projects in minutes, not hours. Accelerate bookings to billings with a perfect start every time, and finally make implementation scalable.

Transparent communication with your clients and team — no emails required

Updating static status reports is so last decade. Baton gives your clients and team, their very own live dashboard, keeping everyone in sync at every checkpoint.

Accountability at a glance

Call off that search party. One click shows you where a project has gone off track and who to work with to solve it.

Manage projects, resources, and your anxiety levels — all with one platform

See all your in-flight projects, and easily prioritize your resources to tackle at-risk or high-value clients first.