From Start to Finish

Baton manages and automates every step of your software implementation process
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Stop Hacking Your Implementation

Decentralized workflows and communications are causing your organization to miss deadlines, eat margin, delay revenue, and inflate implementation costs.

Baton is a purpose-built platform to help you manage and automate the implementation of your product. It’s simple, beautiful, and makes your process predictable every time.

Skip the spreadsheets and get implementation done right with Baton.

An Autopilot You Can Trust

Autopilot is at the heart of Baton, helping you bridge the handoff between you and your customers. Baton’s two-way dashboard ensures nothing slips through the cracks: projects don’t start unless they’re staffed up and fully-assigned and all stakeholders stay on the same page throughout the process.

Accelerate bookings to billings with a perfect start and predictable implementation.

Implementation is Your First Impression

So, why leave it to a hacked-together mess of different tools? Baton ensures a delightful and predictable implementation experience by kicking projects off right every time, managing them through an insightful dashboard, and providing transparency at every step, so you can get back to doing what you do best: making great products.

Baton is more than a platform, it’s a new way of doing business

Eliminate early churn
Recognize revenue faster
Improve NPS