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Baton is the leading platform for managing software implementations and customer onboarding.

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Baton is a leader in Client Onboarding on G2
Baton is a leader in Client Onboarding on G2
Baton is a leader in Client Onboarding on G2

Never stop improving your imple­men­tation process

Great software firms stay great by always looking for ways to improve. Baton is focused on the implementation process because too often it’s overly complicated, lacks standards for task management and automation, and regularly slams into the wall when cross-domain communications are required.


Try a new way to elegantly manage your projects

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It’s not about the customers you win. It’s about the customers you keep

icon communication breakdowns

End communi­cation breakdowns

  • Increase project visibility across company borders
  • See and manage project interdependencies
  • Ensure critical messages are sent and seen
icon Start with a plan

Start with a plan, adaptable by design

  • Eliminate frustrating false starts
  • Set clear expectations and assignments
  • Secure the right talent for every task
icon Keep your projects moving

Keep your projects moving

  • Recognize revenue faster
  • Raise project red flags automatically  
  • Trigger required decisions systematically
icon Stay on budget

Stay on budget

  • Tie billable hours to tangible outcomes
  • Eliminate unexpected costs  
  • Infuse predictability to attract service partners
icon Increase customer retention

Increase customer retention

  • Prioritize your customer’s mission
  • Give your clients unprecedented project visibility
  • Keep the focus on action and accountability
icon Use tools built for software providers

Use tools built for software providers

  • Arm the entire team with the project tools they need
  • Customize your implementation process
  • Eliminate tedious project status requests

Optimize team performance

Baton ensures team accountability by providing each project participant with a set of customizable implementation processes and ongoing, automated information exchange.

icon Intelligent project alerts

Intelligent project alerts

Baton provides ongoing reminders to task owners and updates to all participants working on specific tasks.
icon Link docs to projects

Link docs to projects

Resources, such as project-related documents, are easy to find and linked to tasks, teams, milestones or specific participants.
icon Software implemen­tation spoken here

Software implemen­tation spoken here

Baton users adopt easy-to-understand icons and a common vocabulary to stay current on task ownership, due dates, project deliverables and more.

Scale & standardize your implemen­tation projects


Built for growth, leverage Baton to manage large numbers of implementation projects. Gain visibility to discover recurring project problems and note anomalies while standardizing processes that increase productivity.

Real-time reporting

Baton becomes your central source for communications and implementation activity tracking. Status reports are always available in real-time. Baton provides unique views relevant to your team, each client, and authorized 3rd-parties.

Implemen­tation is your first impression, so let us help you make it a great one

Demonstrate the readiness of your organization and the value of your software faster with Baton.

Unlimited project collaborators

Flexible pricing lets you collaborate with internal, client, and third party team members without adding costs.

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